Robotic and “High-Bay” Warehousing

Robotic and “High-Bay” Warehousing 2017-10-04T14:07:12+00:00

High Bay Warehouses Fire Risks

The use of centralized distribution centres and warehouses has become an accepted logistic strategy among larger retail corporations. These distribution centres often cover demands in a wide geographic area and they are sized accordingly. With the introduction of unmanned automated high-bay warehouses compartment sizes are growing even bigger. Although this particular logistic approach brings many advantages such as decreased handling costs and increased control, it unfortunately also comes with the downside of increased vulnerability.

In case of fire, a large fire is the worst imaginable scenario, but the openness of these warehouses mean that also smaller, more probable, fires still could affect a great amount of goods through the buoyancy driven transport of smoke and heat. And of course, as with any traditional fire suppression system, the damage has already been done by the time the system is triggered.

  • High concentration of flammable materials due to variety of goods and packaging stored throughout the facility.

  • Fires can be caused by technical faults in the racking storage and retrieval vehicle, especially the unmanned vehicles, as well as live cables or switch cabinets.

  • Numerous storage aisles with high racks create ideal conditions for rising combustion gases to ignite and spread the fire.

  • Difficult for firefighters to access due to height and density of stored goods, immobilized robotic vehicles, falling objects, and narrows passage ways.

  • Disruption of operations is the least of your concerns if you also have to deal with any environmental damage, and total write-offs of your inventory and high-tech robotic equipment.

High Bay Warehouses Fire Prevention Solution

  • Gas-tight envelope in your storage areas and exhibition rooms gives the ability to control the atmospheric composition throughout the facility.

  • Low oxygen environment where combustion is not even possible, preventing the ignition and spread of any fire.

  • Avoid using water, or other suppression agents, that will inevitably damage your assets.

  • Fire Protection conditions are always on, 24/7/365. Do not wait until a fire starts! Your valuable items are continuously protected.

Prevent millions in losses for your business.

We are ready to lead you into the future of life and safety systems. Replace conventional passive fire suppression with active always on fire prevention