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Protecting your business, assets, inventory and personnel with cutting edge Controlled Atmosphere technology.

the ZERO2 difference

  • Uses hypoxic air as a permanent inerting agent instead of dangerous chemicals

  • Less expensive than conventional fire suppression

  • Fully redundant installation in an N+1 configuration

  • Completely eliminates the possibility of ignition and combustion

  • Safe for humans and the environment


Demonstration video of our system in action vs without our system.

Fire Prevention Applications of ZERO2 Low Oxygen System

Refrigerated Warehousing
  • Dry air and sub-zero temperatures
  • Prone to technical faults
  • Risk of contanimation
Telecom and Data Centers
  • High electrical density
  • Prone to technical faults
  • Strict uptime requirements
Document Archiving
  • Concentrated flammable materials
  • High risk of extensive damage
  • Rapid fire propagation
Hazmat and Industrial Storage
  • Very low ignition temperatures
  • Concentrated combustible chemicals
  • Risk of toxic gazes escaping facility
Museums and Libraries
  • Flammable conservation agents
  • Concentrated flammable materials
  • Rapid fire propagation
Robotic and "High Bay" Warehousing
  • Prone to technical faults
  • Potential for "chimney effect"
  • Concentration of flammable goods

ZERO2 Controlled Atmosphere Applications

Food Preservation
  • Increased shelf life
  • Effective longterm storage
  • Intrinsic pest control
Vertical Cultivaton
  • Increased yield
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Intrinsic pest control
Altitude Training
  • Science based
  • Health benefits
  • Competitive edge



By means of lowered oxygen levels, the risk of fire is significantly reduced.
DSV Cocoa Storage Facility
50,000m2 GFA Warehouse
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

Prevent millions in losses for your business.

We are ready to lead you into the future of life and safety systems. Replace conventional passive fire suppression with active always on fire prevention