Hazmat and Industrial Storage

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Hazmat Storage Fire Risks

Hazardous-materials (hazmat) storage buildings have a come a long way in the last few years, evolving from locally approved stick-built buildings, to federally regulated structures. Legislature and code dictates the type of materials to be used for construction. While the fire safety protocols around these sites will strictly follow the fire codes, they remain vulnerable to fires resulting in property loss, financial damages, and negative environmental impact. By using atmospheric controls, we can neutralize the threat of a fire even begining in these highly sensitive buildings.

  • Concentration of extremely combustible and dangerous hazardous chemicals with very low ignition temperatures.

  • Potential for powerful reactions between stored chemicals if any leak is present.

  • Residues after combustion are as toxic and dangerous as the chemicals themselves. So preventing any kind of ignition is imperative.

  • Difficult for firefighters to access due to chemical exposure, risk of explosions, and toxic fumes.

  • Disruption of operations is the least of your concerns if you also have to deal with any environmental damage, and total write-offs of your inventory.

Hazmat Fire Prevention Solution

  • Gas-tight envelope in your storage areas gives you the ability isolate sections from potential leaks of toxic gasses.

  • Low oxygen atmosphere where combustion is prevented from occurring.

  • No need to clean-up residues left by traditional suppression systems after a fire is extinguished.

  • Fire Protection conditions are always on, 24/7/365.

Prevent millions in losses for your business.

We are ready to lead you into the future of life and safety systems. Replace conventional passive fire suppression with active always on fire prevention