Our molecular air control solutions can be used in a wide variety of industries.

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Telecom and Data Centers

A successful data center’s main asset is its uptime and consistent availability. From UPS batteries, to diesel generators, to 24/7 security personnel; everything in an IT environment is geared towards keeping the entire facility running uninterrupted.

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Document Archiving

The most important asset of a document archiving business is the hard earned trust of its customers. It is imperative that any facility housing important documents be protected from catastrophic losses, which would be followed by loss of trust.

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Refrigerated warehousing

When we think of an industrial freezer maintained at sub-zero temperatures we don’t think of it as a fire hazard. But the cooling agents used by the HVAC systems, combined with the extremely dry air in cold storage warehouses, results in a high fire load.

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Hazmat and Indusutrial Storage

While the fire safety protocols around hazardous-materials (hazmat) storage buildings will strictly follow the fire codes, they remain vulnerable to fires resulting in property loss, financial damages, and negative environmental impact. By using atmospheric controls, we can neutralize the threat of a fire even begining in these highly sensitive buildings.

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Museums and Libraries

Musuems typically hold countless artefacts, antiques, rare books and paintings, and countless historical documents. All these unique and valuable objects are stored together, with many of them being old, and very combustible. Preserving these items for future generations is only possible if we use a holistic approach to fire prevention, rather than rely on traditional fire suppression technology.

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Robotic and “High Bay” Warehousing

With the introduction of unmanned automated high-bay warehouses compartment sizes are growing even bigger. Although this particular logistic approach brings many advantages such as decreased handling costs and increased control, it unfortunately also comes with the downside of increased vulnerability.

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Food Preservation

With the ever increasing yield and automation of farms, storage of produce becomes an integral part of any good growing operation. A controlled atmosphere is an agricultural storage method in which the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, as well as the temperature and humidity of a storage room are tightly regulated.

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Vertical Cultivation

By combining our expertise in controlled atmosphere with plant production, the results are nothing short of amazing. Technology plays an important role in getting the most efficient results.

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Altitude Training

Hypoxic training, also known as intermittent hypoxic therapy, is a non-invasive, drug-free technique aimed at improving human performance and well-being by way of adaptation to reduced oxygen. To take advantage of this mechanism, we offer a unique concept: Simulate high altitude conditions to reap the benefits of low-oxygen high-altitude conditions.

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