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Museums and Libraries Fire Risks

Humanity’s collective history and knowledge are stored and safeguarded in museums and libraries everywhere. Museums typically hold countless artefacts, antiques, rare books and paintings, and countless historical documents. All these unique and valuable objects are stored together, with many of them being old, and very combustible. Preserving these items for future generations is only possible if we use a holistic approach to fire prevention, rather than rely on traditional fire suppression technology.

  • High concentration of flammable materials due to the storage of paper, cardboard, and conservation agents in a restricted space.

  • Very fast propagation of fire once its starts as a result of the close proximity of these objects in a single space.

  • Any amount of smoke or soot can be damaging to important pieces.

  • Traditional water systems will end up causing as much damage as the fire and smoke.

  • Potential for financial loss could be astronomical. The loss of heritage is incalculable.

Museums and Libraries Fire Prevention Solution

  • Gas-tight envelope in your storage areas and exhibition rooms gives the ability to control the atmospheric composition throughout the facility.

  • Low oxygen environment where combustion is not even possible, preventing the ignition and spread of any fire.

  • Avoid using water, or other suppression agents, that will inevitably damage the important materials in your building.

  • Fire Protection conditions are always on, 24/7/365. Do not wait until a fire starts! Your valuable items are continuously protected.

Additional Benefits

  • Our system not only controls the oxygen levels, but also the humidity and any aggressive compounds that could be harmful to old documents.

  • Prevent the long-term degradation of your paper documents and art pieces by halting the oxidization process.

  • Hypoxic air is hostile towards pests and bugs that may feast on your exhibits.

  • Completely safe for humans who are able to work inside protected areas with no adverse effects.

  • Controlled atmosphere air is clean, pollutant-free and devoid of any harmful agents.

Prevent millions in losses for your business.

We are ready to lead you into the future of life and safety systems. Replace conventional passive fire suppression with active always on fire prevention